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Madison’s Central Business Improvement District (BID) is in the heart of downtown Madison. This unique shopping, business, and entertainment district is home to more than 370 shops, galleries, restaurants, and night spots, many locally owned, plus museums and cultural destinations. From visitors to residents, students, business, and property owners – downtown Madison welcomes you to shop, dine, play, and visit!

DMI and BID were both formed to support the health and vitality of downtown Madison. Whereas DMI is a membership-based not-for-profit representing close to 450 businesses and partner organizations, the BID is a quasi-government, state-regulated improvement district made up of over 200 land parcels and 150+ property owners in the greater State Street, Capitol Square, and King Street area.

DMI helped create the BID in 1999 to ensure the success of the local businesses in the Central District. Yearly, the BID signs a contract for services with DMI to administer certain tasks. The BID has a separate Board of Directors governing their work to market the District as a whole, create a welcoming environment, develop programming to draw visitors and residents into the District, outreach on issues affecting the District, and develop community relations.

Visit Downtown Madison