Member Meetups Submission Form

Member Meetups is an opportunity for DMI members to design your own get-together and invite others to join you. Member Meetups are interest-based and can be social, civic, or professional in nature.

Complete the form below for your Member Meetup.

Once the form is submitted, DMI staff will notify you when the Member Meetup has been approved and posted on the DMI website calendar. If you have any questions about Member Meetups, contact DMI at

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Suggestions For Organizers

  • Use an excel spreadsheet, Facebook event group or Eventbrite to help keep track of attendees and their email addresses.
  • RSVPs are not required but they are a great way to track who will be attending and a way to communicate with the attendees if any of the Member Meetup details change like weather or meeting place.
  • Send a confirmation/reminder email the day before the Member Meetup.

If you have any questions about Member Meetups, contact DMI at